How to drive without lumbar pain

bBefore the automatic transmission, electric glass, cell phone and other technological innovations the body found more opportunities to do its inherent thing: to move. The corporal stiffness practiced in the dynamics of urban life – driving and working sitting for long hours, for example – represents one of the villains of back pain.

“Today 80% of the population have or will have lower back pain,” says physiotherapist Helder Montenegro, a specialist in Muscular Reconstruction of the Vertebral Column.

According to Montenegro, the most common side effects caused by traffic islumbar and joint pain, neck tension, lower and upper limb pain, and circulatory problems. “The triggering factor for these pains is inadequate sitting posture and prolonged sitting in this position. Over 45 minutes, the muscles begin to alert.

Preventive maintenance

With almost a thousand new cars every day on the streets and, consequently, more time in traffic, drivers and passengers can not give up some of the care with the spine. The vehicle seat is the first obstacle to be overcome.

“The standardization of the seats used by the means of transport contributes to poor postural habits, as they rarely provide adequate support to the lumbar spine. The ideal backrest should provide lumbar support for lordosis to be maintained, thus avoiding future back pain or preventing the worsening of already installed injuries, “explains Montenegro.

Change of posture

The physiotherapist gives special tips so that the health of your spine is not compromised while you drive. Are they:

Tilting – A lumbar support can promote the comfort of the individual when sitting. Because few seats provide adequate support, the portable lumbar roller or rolled towel are essential for people with progressing lumbar problems.

The roller will make it easier to maintain lordosis and correct posture. Already the use of the towel has been considered effective as it provides the volume according to the way it is pressed.

Where to put: the towel should be at the height of the third lumbar vertebra, above the basin.

Lumbar support, lumbar roller or rolled towel that are out of the measures can cause pain. The size of this support will depend on the biotype of each.

Find good Car lumbar support can help a lot to relief back pain from driving.

Heated seat in your car can help relief back pain. If you have no heated seat in your car, you can buy heated car seat covers and add it to your cushion.

Arms and legs – adjust the seat distance so that additional load on the use of the pedals is not transmitted to the lumbar spine. The arms should be relaxed and with the elbows not to strain the shoulders and neck. No steering “on the wheel” or too far, thus preventing the arms and legs from stretching. Frequent breaks are important to avoid overloading the intervertebral discs.

The legs should be parallel. Avoid driving with your knees too bent, as there is a risk of compromising blood circulation.

Whip – The neck also deserves special care. For there to be no so-called “whip,”i.e.,abrupt movement of the neck caused by braking, the head should be close to the abutment, but not relaxed on it, since the position can cause sleep.

Red Lighthouse – time to stop. Make rest interspersed with proper movements, such as stretching. Such simple care improves pain and avoids lack of physical fitness.

Pioneer in adapting the technique of vertebral stabilization inside the bodybuilding room, Montenegro also recommends aphysical activity that can prevent spinal pain, the most indicated are bodybuilding and pilates. “Remember: never lift or lift a weight without contracting the abdominal muscles and without bending the knees. Excessive physical activity can also cause pain in the spine. At the first symptom or crisis of pain, seek a professional column specialist. “

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